Ed and Elaine's VE Day Celebrations

The word 'vintage' is banded around a lot these days, but Ed and Elaine's style is the real deal. Their home is full of amazing finds, many of which were incorporated into their amazing DIY wedding. As Ed said in his speech, pointing around the village hall, "this is all Elaine's mind!!" From the ration card place settings to the authentic hats in the photo booth, Elaine did pretty much everything herself. They transported their guests from the registry office in a green Routemaster bus (the only one in the country, most are red) to a decked out village hall for a VE day celebration style day with afternoon tea, fish and chips, and vinyl records. The sun even made an appearance after a dreary week and the picnic blankets came out. I'm sure you'll all agree they did an amazing job pulling off an amazingly stylish wedding. Px