Morocco Don't Cha Know

Ever the adventurers, Kayleigh and Bryan decided to get their leathers on and bike from Scotland to Morocco to get married. They hired my wonderful wedding planning friend Matthew Oliver to organise a grand old party and me and my handsome second shooter Alex to take the photos. We travelled by less exciting methods (plane and taxi) to Rabat, Morocco's capital, where the Scots were already well into the whiskey and champagne and ready for a good old knees up, having stopped off in Gibraltar for the legal ceremony (crazy cats)!

They started with a spot of surfing in the morning whilst Matthew prepared the luxury ryad for the sunset rooftop ceremony and a traditional Moroccan feast that was to last until the wee hours of the morning. We ventured onto the winding streets of Rabat for some photos and were greeted by lots of whoops and cheers from the locals. Kayleigh and Bryan were treated like celebs and literally stopped traffic.

I, for a one, had an absolute blast.

Here's what the day looked like.....