Bonjour and bonnet de douche mes amis!

So, last week Le Yank and I finally managed to go on our jollybobs to a little town they call Paris. We only went for 3 days as it’s mid wedding season madness (and even in the only 3 days I’ve been away I missed out on a photoshoot in Downing Street. DOWNING STREET! Where Hugh Grant lives! Jeeeeez.) But 3 days was long enough to track down both Louboutin and Laduree, overdose on cheese, walk 500 miles *sings*, discover that red wine is cheaper than Pepsi and relax in our totally bonkers hotel (avec Shrek lamps). I even bust out some of my A Level French. My favourite district absolutely had to be Marais, where I spent a morning with just me and my camera, whilst DK battled it out in the Louvre with the rest of America. I was also absolutely thrilled to discover that people really DO wear stripy tees! Hurrah!

Anyway, here be a few of my favourite shots of Paris. Prendre plaisir! Px