About Me


Hey! And welcome to my website….

I’m Paula and I am a people photographer, specialising in alternative weddings.

I love a good wedding. What’s not to love? Friends, family, fashion, love, music and cake (mmmm, cake!) My aim is to capture the mood and feel of the day so that you can look back on your photos and re-live the day. Cashback!

A bit about me? Well…. I’m a Mancunian living in London with my slightly grumpy cat, Chairman Meow aka Mr. Richard Meowington, Esq. (it’s a long story.)

My passion for photography started in my early twenties when I started travelling the world. It seemed like a great way to document my trips and I soon became incapable of going anywhere without a camera stuck to my face. I was inspired by the vibrance of different cultures and  the people I met on my travels and soon became immersed in the world of street photography. Fast forward a few years to one ‘turning thirty’ crisis and I decided that I absolutely MUST turn this “hobby” into a career.